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Geographical Information Systems: Impimentations in real world and future challenges

“Geographical Information Systems: Impimentations in real world and future challenges”, K. Karamitsios, International Journal of Computer (IJC), vol. 21, No. 1 (2016)

Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.) has become a very promising sector nowadays. The non-stop breakthroughs of the information technology in combination with the continuous amelioration of the science of geology have transformed the need of accurate data and clean visualization into an indispensable tool. The implementation of new technological techniques in the field of G.I.S. is a very interesting subject that anyone would like to keep an eye on. In this paper we present what G.I.S. is and how is it used in real world. After a short description of what G.I.S. do, we search for current G.I.S applications that are in use and also examine the prospects of the future challenges of this field. Our research is focused on various fields of the computer science and how they are or can be implemented on geographical information system applications.