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Security Policy

Our company, My Company Projects, has been operating for years providing message services to mobile phone providers, creating & hosting webpages and other relevant services.

By recognizing the need for the absolute security of the data managed, but also the compliance of the demands for the absolute Privacy, Integrity and Availability of the information, we commit ourselves that all our workers but also our contractors, comply with the current statement and the business principals as far as Information Security is concerned.

The company has established the structures and the operation method, through the applied processes, according to the requirements of the ISO 27001:2005 standards. We commit ourselves to promote the complete application of all the operations of the Information Security Management System, the compliance of our operation according to legal, regulative and conventional duties, but also the disposal of all the necessary resources for the accomplishment of the targets deriving from the Danger Analysis.

We will comply with the above application commitment through a constant monitoring and improvement of the safety levels which are set by the company, upgrade of the necessary equipment, monitoring of the gradation and accessibility demands, briefing of everyone involved in the processes which are set by us, revision of the Danger Management Plan and the Safety Policy, the selection of Criteria Check and revision of the Statement of Application (SoA).

The compliance of the principals described in the Safety Policy of the company and the processes of the Information Management Security System are of primary importance in My Company Projects and the philosophy of all our workers.

Thessaloniki, 10 December 2013

Beleniotis Ioannis
General Manager