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Privacy Policy

My Company Projects O.E. with the distinctive title “My Company” has been incorporated in Greece, based in Thessaloniki, Olimpiou Diamanti 20 Street and has the number GEMI 043550306000.

  1. Our company recognizes the importance of the safety of your private data and respects your privacy.
  2. Our company collects only the personal data which are necessary for the reason they are collected.
  3. During the time the personal data is collected, our company informs you for the reason it is collected, the time span needed for its process, for recipients of them, for any transfer to a country out of the European Union as well as your rights against our company.
  4. Regardless of these, in order to provide the above mentioned briefing, in a way which is summarized, easy to understand, transparent and has an accessible format, we compiled the current policy, which includes a general briefing. We advise you to read this policy carefully.
    Personal data collected, aim and legal base of the collection
Our company processes and to be more precise, receives, keeps and used the following categories of personal data:
  1. Contact data (full name, phone number, email etc). This data is received from you after your application in order for our company to take some measures before the signing of the contract (e.g. to fill an application after the expression of some interest, inform you about our services) or after you express your willingness to contact us. The legal base of this process is your consent.
  2. Id data and finance data (full name, phone number, email, VAT number, address, occupation, bank account details, credit card details, financial data etc). This data is received from you in order to sign a contract between us, but also execute and comply with it, our communication with you and the issue of the necessary tax vouchers. The legal base of the process is the execution of the contract, the compliance with the tax laws or any other current law or fulfillment of our duty, for example to comply with a court decision, instructions, demands or decision made by the authorities, as well as our legal interest for the management and dealing with legal or extrajudicial confrontations between us. We process your email address or your phone number in order to send you informative and promotional material for our products and services after your explicit consent which consists the legal base for the whole process.
  3. CVs. This data is collective after your initiative and demand in order to join the process of selecting the staff of our company. The legal base for the process is the consent and our legal interest for the management of the application forms.
  4. Image data. This data is received from the surveillance cameras, which is installed in our offices. The legal base for the process is our legal interest for the safety of people and goods.
  5. Connection data (online identification). Our company, while you browse on our webpage uses GoogleAnalytics. For more information visit:

The legal base for the process is our legal interest for the promotion of our products and services.

Categories of the recipients of personal data

After the fulfillment of the conventional and legal duties of our company, the execution of our responsibilities, the service of its legal interest and after the company has received your consent, the recipients of the data will fall in the following categories depending on the services provided by us:

  1. Company’s contractors (accountants, couriers, people who provide services on our account, lawyers/legal counselors etc), who process on our account according to the laws for personal data.
  2. Authorities (Tax offices, Independent authority of public revenues, Ministries).
  3. Credit institutions or similar organizations.
  4. Judicial and district attorneys in case of any assertions or indictable actions.
Time span for keeping the personal data
Invoicing Documents Under current tax law
Contracts 20 years from the termination of the contract
Id data 5 years after the termination of the contract
CVs 6 months after submission
Contact / Interest Request 6 months after the request was processed
Newsletter service – sms updates Until receiving a deletion/unsubscribe request
Image data 15 days
Financial data 5 years after the termination of the contract


In case legislation has stated a shorter or a longer period of time for keeping the personal data, the time span that our company should keep the data is increased or decreased accordingly. In case any assertions or indictable actions arise before the above stated time span the relevant time span is extended until the issue of an irreversible court order.

Your rights
  1. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (ΕΕ 2016/679) you have the right to submit a complaint to a supervising authority.
  2. According to the same regulation you have the right to access, correct, delete, limit or object to the process and portability of the personal details collected by our company. To be more precise, you have the right to confirm to whether or not and to which extent your personal data will be processed and if that is true to have access to the relevant information and ask the limitation of the process. You have the right to correct inaccurate information or complete incomplete personal details by bringing all the necessary documents from which derives the need to correct or fill in the necessary changes. You have the right to ask to delete your personal details on condition that our company does not have a legal or arguable reason to keep this data. You have the right to object to the process of your personal details according to your legal interest and receive your data in a structured, commonly used and recognizable by machines format or ask the transmittal of it to third parties.
  3. For exercising your rights, you can put a report in writing on our email address
  4. In order to manage your requests we have the right to ask for your id confirmation.
  5. The exercise of the above mentioned rights is for the future and for a process already being executed.