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Quality Policy

Our company, My Company Projects, with its headquarters at Olimpiou Diamanti 20 street in Thessaloniki, has been operating for years providing message services to mobile phone providers, creating and hosting webpages, advertising services and relevant services.

In order to provide the best and fastest services to the customers, but also as foundation stone our effort for the highest quality of its services, the company managed to establish its position amongst the best in Thessaloniki in this field. The management is committed to meet the expectations of the interested parts and comply with the legal and regulative demands which rule the operation of our company.

The basic targets of the company are:

  • The consistent business development.
  • The consistent improvement of the services provided.
  • The complete satisfaction of the customers.

The strategic business targets will be accomplished through:

  • Setting and monitoring objective targets.
  • Providing all the necessary resources and means for ensuring the unhampered, efficient and effective operation of the company.
  • Maintaining a technological, modern working environment.
  • Continuous training of our staff.
  • Encouragement for continuous improvement of the employees, the suppliers and partners.

The management of the company is committed to regular revision, assessment and reconsideration of the Policy and the Quality Management System aiming at the satisfaction of our customers, while the constant effort for continuous improvement is a primary concern for My Company Projects and the philosophy of our workers.

Thessaloniki, 12 February 2018