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Who we are

MyCompany is a dynamic software development company based in Thessaloniki, Greece, with extensive knowledge on online software engineering techniques and experience on highly demanding software projects, just as CRM platforms, Omni-Channel communication solutions and Geoinformatics systems. MyCompany apart from its main expertise activity, maintains two subsidiary departments, one of Financial Advisors and one of online Advertising Services, making the company a one stop shop for entrepreneurs, who apart from developing their solutions, want to find trustworthy financial advisory services and online marketing solutions.

MyCompany serves the software development sector for more than 10 years, a fact that helped the company form a cutting-edge software development infrastructure and to create a great team of valuable experts who are striving to succeed the best outcome possible.

MyCompany has all the necessary software tools and infrastructure that will be needed during a project’s development life cycle, just as software IDEs, deployed cloud servers, computer resources and a professional results-driven team.

The specialized experience on software development and the spherical approach that MyCompany boosts, are making the company an indispensable member of any project, who guarantees its technical excellence and future market introduction.

Our company, My Company Projects, with its headquarters at Olimpiou Diamanti 20 street in Thessaloniki, has been operating for years providing message services to mobile phone providers, creating and hosting webpages, advertising services and relevant services.

In order to provide the best and fastest services to the customers, but also as foundation stone our effort for the highest quality of its services, the company managed to establish its position amongst the best in Thessaloniki in this field. The management is committed to meet the expectations of the interested parts and comply with the legal and regulative demands which rule the operation of our company.

The basic targets of the company are:

  • The consistent business development.
  • The consistent improvement of the services provided.
  • The complete satisfaction of the customers.

The strategic business targets will be accomplished through:

  • Setting and monitoring objective targets.
  • Providing all the necessary resources and means for ensuring the unhampered, efficient and effective operation of the company.
  • Maintaining a technological, modern working environment.
  • Continuous training of our staff.
  • Encouragement for continuous improvement of the employees, the suppliers and partners.

The management of the company is committed to regular revision, assessment and reconsideration of the Policy and the Quality Management System aiming at the satisfaction of our customers, while the constant effort for continuous improvement is a primary concern for My Company Projects and the philosophy of our workers.

Thessaloniki, 12 February 2018

Our company, My Company Projects, has been operating for years providing message services to mobile phone providers, creating & hosting webpages and other relevant services.

By recognizing the need for the absolute security of the data managed, but also the compliance of the demands for the absolute Privacy, Integrity and Availability of the information, we commit ourselves that all our workers but also our contractors, comply with the current statement and the business principals as far as Information Security is concerned.

The company has established the structures and the operation method, through the applied processes, according to the requirements of the ISO 27001:2005 standards. We commit ourselves to promote the complete application of all the operations of the Information Security Management System, the compliance of our operation according to legal, regulative and conventional duties, but also the disposal of all the necessary resources for the accomplishment of the targets deriving from the Danger Analysis.

We will comply with the above application commitment through a constant monitoring and improvement of the safety levels which are set by the company, upgrade of the necessary equipment, monitoring of the gradation and accessibility demands, briefing of everyone involved in the processes which are set by us, revision of the Danger Management Plan and the Safety Policy, the selection of Criteria Check and revision of the Statement of Application (SoA).

The compliance of the principals described in the Safety Policy of the company and the processes of the Information Management Security System are of primary importance in My Company Projects and the philosophy of all our workers.

Thessaloniki, 10 December 2013

Beleniotis Ioannis
General Manager

My Company Projects O.E. with the distinctive title “My Company” has been incorporated in Greece, based in Thessaloniki, Olimpiou Diamanti 20 Street and has the number GEMI 043550306000.

  1. Our company recognizes the importance of the safety of your private data and respects your privacy.
  2. Our company collects only the personal data which are necessary for the reason they are collected.
  3. During the time the personal data is collected, our company informs you for the reason it is collected, the time span needed for its process, for recipients of them, for any transfer to a country out of the European Union as well as your rights against our company.
  4. Regardless of these, in order to provide the above mentioned briefing, in a way which is summarized, easy to understand, transparent and has an accessible format, we compiled the current policy, which includes a general briefing. We advise you to read this policy carefully.
    Personal data collected, aim and legal base of the collection
Our company processes and to be more precise, receives, keeps and used the following categories of personal data:
  1. Contact data (full name, phone number, email etc). This data is received from you after your application in order for our company to take some measures before the signing of the contract (e.g. to fill an application after the expression of some interest, inform you about our services) or after you express your willingness to contact us. The legal base of this process is your consent.
  2. Id data and finance data (full name, phone number, email, VAT number, address, occupation, bank account details, credit card details, financial data etc). This data is received from you in order to sign a contract between us, but also execute and comply with it, our communication with you and the issue of the necessary tax vouchers. The legal base of the process is the execution of the contract, the compliance with the tax laws or any other current law or fulfillment of our duty, for example to comply with a court decision, instructions, demands or decision made by the authorities, as well as our legal interest for the management and dealing with legal or extrajudicial confrontations between us. We process your email address or your phone number in order to send you informative and promotional material for our products and services after your explicit consent which consists the legal base for the whole process.
  3. CVs. This data is collective after your initiative and demand in order to join the process of selecting the staff of our company. The legal base for the process is the consent and our legal interest for the management of the application forms.
  4. Image data. This data is received from the surveillance cameras, which is installed in our offices. The legal base for the process is our legal interest for the safety of people and goods.
  5. Connection data (online identification). Our company, while you browse on our webpage uses GoogleAnalytics. For more information visit:

The legal base for the process is our legal interest for the promotion of our products and services.

Categories of the recipients of personal data

After the fulfillment of the conventional and legal duties of our company, the execution of our responsibilities, the service of its legal interest and after the company has received your consent, the recipients of the data will fall in the following categories depending on the services provided by us:

  1. Company’s contractors (accountants, couriers, people who provide services on our account, lawyers/legal counselors etc), who process on our account according to the laws for personal data.
  2. Authorities (Tax offices, Independent authority of public revenues, Ministries).
  3. Credit institutions or similar organizations.
  4. Judicial and district attorneys in case of any assertions or indictable actions.
Time span for keeping the personal data
Invoicing DocumentsUnder current tax law
Contracts20 years from the termination of the contract
Id data5 years after the termination of the contract
CVs6 months after submission
Contact / Interest Request6 months after the request was processed
Newsletter service – sms updatesUntil receiving a deletion/unsubscribe request
Image data15 days
Financial data5 years after the termination of the contract

In case legislation has stated a shorter or a longer period of time for keeping the personal data, the time span that our company should keep the data is increased or decreased accordingly. In case any assertions or indictable actions arise before the above stated time span the relevant time span is extended until the issue of an irreversible court order.

Your rights
  1. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (ΕΕ 2016/679) you have the right to submit a complaint to a supervising authority.
  2. According to the same regulation you have the right to access, correct, delete, limit or object to the process and portability of the personal details collected by our company. To be more precise, you have the right to confirm to whether or not and to which extent your personal data will be processed and if that is true to have access to the relevant information and ask the limitation of the process. You have the right to correct inaccurate information or complete incomplete personal details by bringing all the necessary documents from which derives the need to correct or fill in the necessary changes. You have the right to ask to delete your personal details on condition that our company does not have a legal or arguable reason to keep this data. You have the right to object to the process of your personal details according to your legal interest and receive your data in a structured, commonly used and recognizable by machines format or ask the transmittal of it to third parties.
  3. For exercising your rights, you can put a report in writing on our email address
  4. In order to manage your requests we have the right to ask for your id confirmation.
  5. The exercise of the above mentioned rights is for the future and for a process already being executed.

The MY COMPANY believes that people from diverse backgrounds should all enjoy the same rights, opportunities and protections. Furthermore, everyone must be treated fairly with dignity and compassion, be able to actively participate in decision-making that affects their lives and be kept safe from both physical and psychosocial harm.

The MY COMPANY recognizes that assessing the implications of any planned action is essential to ensure that the concerns and experiences of people from diverse backgrounds are an integral part of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its internal and external-orientated work. By mainstreaming gender and diversity, the MY COMPANY both promotes and contributes to gender equality and inclusion.

The MY COMPANY has long recognized the importance of gender equality and inclusion. The company first adopted a Gender and Diversity Policy in 2017. This Policy is the result of the review and update process.

Aim and objectives

The aim of the Policy is that gender equality and inclusion are achieved. The objectives of the Policy are:

  1. The MY COMPANY’s institutional framework contributes to gender equality and
  2. Women and men from diverse backgrounds participate in and benefit from the MY COMPANY’s activities and services on a full and equal
  3. The MY COMPANY’s organizational culture is inclusive, enabling, and free from bias or
  4. The MY COMPANY provides fair, equal, and transparent access to employment opportunities and benefits.
Coordination and accountability mechanisms

Overall accountability for upholding the terms of the Policy lies with the MY COMPANY Director. All MY COMPANY personnel are bound by the terms of the Policy and responsible for directly contributing to its implementation.

Institutional approach

The MY COMPANY commits to enhancing the strategic and policy framework to support the promotion of gender equality and inclusion by:

  • Mainstreaming gender and diversity in all its strategic and results-based management systems and processes.
  • Promoting the use of gender and diversity responsive budgeting by allocating resources for the costs associated with gender and diversity mainstreaming in all relevant areas of internal and external
  • Maintaining mechanisms to coordinate and implement internal efforts to promote gender equality and inclusion.
External activities and services

The MY COMPANY commits to women, men from diverse backgrounds participating in and benefiting from its activities and services on a full and equal basis by:

  • Integrating gender and diversity considerations in all relevant training packages, advisory services, assessments, and research
  • Striving for MY COMPANY delegations for external-facing activities to be mixed gender and diverse, where possible.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the participation of people from diverse backgrounds in MY COMPANY training courses, workshops, and
  • Striving for MY COMPANY digital and software tools and projects to be gender and diversity inclusive and reflect good practice standards for accessibility for persons with specific
Organizational culture

3.1 The MY COMPANY commits to fostering an organizational culture that is inclusive, enabling, and free from bias or discrimination.

Employment systems and practices

The MY COMPANY commits to ensuring that current and prospective MY COMPANY personnel have fair, equal and transparent access to employment opportunities and benefits5 by:

  • Promoting and valuing gender balance and diverse representation in decision- making
  • Striving for gender balance and diverse representation in the appointment of personnel and consultants throughout the
  • Providing equal access to employment opportunities, through the implementation of transparent, fair, and non-discriminatory recruitment
  • Establishing fair, equal, and transparent employment conditions, such as flexible work arrangements, equal remuneration for work of equal value, paid parental leave for birth or adoptive
  • Making adjustments to equipment and facilities to ensure that the office environment is accessible to all
  • Providing transparent, fair, and equal access to training, promotion, and career development opportunities.

1 September 2021