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Αποδοτική υλοποίηση και χρήση Ασύρματων δικτύων αισθητήρων στην γεωργία ακριβείας

«Efficient implementation and usage of Wireless Sensor Networks in Precision Agriculture», K.Karamitsios, I.Beleniotis, International Journal of Engineering Technology and Scientific Innovation, vol. 02, Page No. 591-594 (2017)

Sustainability and precision agriculture (PA) are two theories that are closely related. How global positioning system can benefit the environment, is a question that has been debated right from the moment it was first applied on agricultural equipment. Naturally, using pesticides and fertilizers as at when needed and where needed only ought to minimize environmental pressure. The facts on sustainability, precision agriculture and wireless sensor networks will be thoroughly discussed in this paper, since they are the next big thing in the field of Internet Of Things (IoT) and smart environment.

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